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Ever Heard of Marathon Spray Booths .

Marathon spray booths belong to the same category as spray oven or paint booths. They are used in automobile industries to spray vehicles with fresh paint coating. Spraying automobiles can result is a lot of sprays and dust being thrown up and sideways which is dangerous to human health as well as the atmosphere and the entire environment. Read more about Marathon Spray Booths at learn more here.The people who operate in marathon spray booths should also put on the most appropriate and the best overall. The overall they put on should contain an approved respirator, disposable gloves, eye goggles and a suit covering the painter's head to the toes. Marathon spray booths were established to protect the environment from air pollution. The automotive booth paints used should be tested by bang subjected to the Local Exhaust Ventilation. The booths should be kept clean and free from any particles that can potentially cause harm to the health of living organism and environment at large. The paints used should offer quality covering. The spray booths should contain filter in the air input and the extraction systems. Shipping containers are commonly converted into spray booths because of their rugged make and long durability. They can withstand the toughest of the weather conditions on earth.

Shipping containers are preferred as marathon spray booths because they have not been handled for long hence they do not have surface rust or dents like used containers. The shipping containers can be made to become movable or mobile. The shipping container offers an innovative spray paint booth designed to specifically provide excellent spraying solution with great environmental control without sacrificing the quality of the paintings.Read more about Marathon Spray Booths at Marathon Spray Booths. The booth is made with the country's safety codes and can be used as a dry chemical fire suppression system. The versatility of the booth enables it to move the booth around where needed. The mobility of the spray booth enables it to be moved anywhere near the job site. The booth is very much convenient and it can still deliver high quality of the finished product. Marathon spray booths also offer powder coating spray booths in both sizes that are small and large. The powder coating spray booth has three-stage filtration and efficiency ovens with powder spray guns. They also have industrial booth systems that can be approached whenever you want to be designed a customized booth system that can meet your requirements. This company has been known to provide quality booths that can last for long and offer quality services.Learn more from

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